Welcome to Aldridge Farm. We are a small family farm located in the Piedmont of North Carolina. We have farmed here since 1981. During that time we have raised beef cows dairy steers, goats and horses. We first became interested in Dexters after watching a TV show on “Little Cows”. The more I learned about the breed, the more I was convinced that the Dexter was a breed that I wanted to concentrate on. Shortly after that show in 1999 I purchased our first cows. Currently we have a registered herd of black cows and a red bull. Enjoy our site and don’t forget to check out the “For Sale” page. Occasionally you may find a litter of Brittany puppies and a few trail horses as well as our Registered Dexters.





Lynn & Patti Aldridge | 780 Patterson Rd | Salisbury, NC 28147
704-431-5266 | lpkm@bellsouth.net